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Find an Experienced Probability and Statistics Tutor Online

Studying probability and statistics is very popular nowadays. Eager to enhance your knowledge of the subject but have no opportunity to visit probability and statistics lessons? We know a perfect way out: learn probability and statistics online on Eurekly and turn your everyday academic stress into an unbelievable success! You are most likely to encounter your dream teacher among Eurekly's professional probability and statistics tutors because they personalize learning programs to suit every student's needs. We allow only experienced and qualified tutors to teach on our website. With Eurekly's first-class probability and statistics tutors, no student is left behind. They will assess your skill level and get your online probability and statistics classes tailored for your needs and goals. Schedule your free trial session now.... Show more
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  •  PhilippinesLyle G.



    I am a professional teacher of over 30 years certified to teach Secondary Education. I am passionate about teaching math and have obtained two degrees from a prominent university, Having a math major and a physical sciences minor coupled with extensive experience and you have the ingredients needed for very successful teaching of many math courses. I enjoy inspiring my students to learn and will check to see that every student understands the material and begins to bilevel in their ability to excel. I believe lessons should be effective, engaging and energetic!... Show more

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    I am a Master of Science graduate in Statistics with very strong Mathematics and Physics base. Am passionate about sharing the Mathematics and Physics knowledge in a relaxed motivating manner. I like making the subjects sound manageable to my students. Currently I serve as a part-time Mathematics and Statistics lecturer with the Nairobi University Kenya. My teaching and motivation career begun way back when I was a student who was able to pick and master concepts ahead of the rest. I took advantage of this and headed most of the discussion groups. This as a result enhanced my cognitive ability, the reason for understanding a student's need for an enhanced cognitive ability and longer knowledge retention capacity through continuous smart and productive studies and self-testing through continuous assessments. My training strengths include also being able to understand the varying individual student needs. This is followed by equipping the student with general but critical skills on how to comprehend statements/questions step-by-step in such a way that he/she can synthesize the information in bits that are analyzable and therefore progressively resolvable with no errors. The above strategy have worked well for both college class sessions and private high school motivational sessions with extraordinary outcomes. I yield results; easier understanding of problems and naturally adopting relevant solution methodology for desired results. Consistency and competence is my goal.... Show more

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Find your tutor

Eurekly lets you choose a tutor who is the best fit for your learning needs. Use the filters to narrow your search based on price, location, availability, and rating.


Book a trial lesson

To find the best fit, book a trial lesson with a tutor of your choosing. This way, you can communicate your learning needs directly and find a teaching structure that suits you.


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Ready, set, and go! The final step is to enjoy your new class. When it’s time for your scheduled lesson, join our virtual classroom and connect with your tutor via live video.

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Eurekly's tutoring service was a great opportunity for me to learn more about topics I was struggling with academically. Being able to have tutoring based on my availability was very helpful because I didn’t have to cut anything short and miss on anything important. Being able to learn 1-on-1 with the tutor was very helpful because there were no interruptions, it was just about asking and learning. I had a great tutor who taught me more than I learned in the whole school year. I am grateful for this tutoring service.


How does it work?

Start by choosing a subject, then refine your search with our advanced filters, pinpointing preferences like the tutor's native language, current location, and even lesson price range.

Where do lessons take place?

Online lessons take place in Eurekly’s interactive, digital classroom. Eurekly Classroom provides teachers and students with high-quality real-time video, audio, and chat. It also offers an exclusive digital whiteboard with a robust set of features including, but not limited to: Infinite canvas, Text & Drawing, Docs, PDFs & Images Upload, Files sharing – everything you need for productive and engaging sessions. Last but not least, Eurekly Classroom is safe and encrypted. You can rest assured that your personal information is safe.

What kind of tutors are on Eurekly?

We work tirelessly to find the best online tutors in the world. From English to Algebra, we are selecting and recruiting only the most talented tutors in their fields. You can easily view tutor ratings, see their qualifications, review their video introductions and ask them questions directly to ensure that the tutor you connect with will help you meet your educational goals.

How many trial lessons can I take?

You can sign up for one trial lesson with each tutor to discuss your learning goals and get a feel for their teaching style.

How can I cancel or change my lesson after scheduling it?

You can cancel or reschedule your lesson by visiting the "My lessons" page on your profile anytime before the start of your next class.

How can I pay for my lessons?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, and PayPal for payments. Using your preferred payment method, you can add credits to the wallet in your Eurekly account. Credit will be debited from your wallet when you schedule a lesson.

Is my information safe?

Absolutely. At Eurekly, we take your privacy and security very seriously. We employ world-class encryption to protect your information.

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