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Choose from over 600 tutors and enjoy world-class 1-on-1 online lessons
600+ qualified tutors
Learn from qualified professionals and experts in the subject
A range of subjects
Cover multiple subjects and areas of interest
Personalized lessons
Tailored to meet your needs, interests and availability
How do I get started?
Find your tutor
Eurekly lets you choose a tutor who is the best fit for your learning needs. Use the filters to narrow your search based on price, location, availability, and rating.
Step 1
Book a trial lesson
To find the best fit, book a trial lesson with a tutor of your choosing. This way, you can communicate your learning needs directly and find a teaching structure that suits you.
Step 2
Start learning
Ready, set, and go! The final step is to enjoy your new class. When it’s time for your scheduled lesson, join our virtual classroom and connect with your tutor via live video.
Step 3
See what students have to say...
Helen Medeiros
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Why Eurekly?
At Eurekly, you will...
Get expert help from professional tutorsLearn efficiently with customized tutoring, tailored to meet your learning goals, strengths, skills, needs and personal requirements.
Stop juggling different tools and applicationsLearn and teach on an all-inclusive and navigable learning platform: schedule, book, and enjoy your lessons in an interactive classroom.
Brain training with a difference
Our philosophy is simple:
1. People learn best when they have quality instruction. With our live tutoring, that's what we aim to give you — a personal trainer for your brain and a customized learning plan that fulfills your needs and goals.
2. We promise you access to hundreds of professional tutors, lessons, and tools, from the calendar to the classroom, in one place; creating an ideal online classroom to tutor and to learn online.
Ready to ace your learning goals with Eurekly?
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Trial LessonsTrial lessons to meet with your tutor, discuss your needs, and find the right fit.
Risk-free paymentsSafe and secure payments that come with a money-back guarantee.
No hidden costsOnly pay for the lessons you book. No subscriptions or sign-up fee.


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