2 in 1: Where to Find an Ideal Maths and Physics Tutor?

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      Wouldn’t it be very convenient if you had one tutor for all the subjects you need help with? All-in-one professional tutors are always well sought-after but are few and far between. Don’t worry though – you have come to the right place! We are here to reveal where you can find this unicorn of a tutor. Specifically, we will enlist the very best tutors that can teach both maths and physics… and even some other subjects as well! To find a physics and maths tutor online, keep reading. Check out this article to discover:

      • What to look for in an online tutor;
      • The best tutors that teach both maths and physics online;
      • Useful facts about learning with an online tutor.
      Finding the ideal maths and physics tutor

      Qualities of an ideal physics and math tutor

      Being an online tutor takes a talented individual, and not everybody makes one. When looking to find a suitable tutor for your needs, you need to be searching for certain qualities. 5 of the characteristics that make an ideal online tutor are the following:

      1. Patience: Working with students of different abilities requires having a lot of patience. An ideal tutor encourages learners to study at a comfortable pace, without pressure.
      2. Subject knowledge: Even if a teacher possesses dozens of great personality traits, these mean nothing if they are not an expert at the subject they are teaching. Always ensure your tutor is qualified in the subject they are teaching.
      3. Passion: A good online instructor is one who values and enjoys teaching. Enthusiasm comes across to students during lessons, and it serves to motivate them.
      4. Self-confidence: To teach effectively, one must have a confident manner. Self-confidence inspires students and reassures them they are in the hands of an expert.
      5. Professionalism: A good tutor will know how to remain friendly and approachable to their students while maintaining their status as a professional expert who is there to guide them.

      Watch this insightful video where students share their opinion about which qualities an ideal tutor should possess:

      Why choose a universal physics maths tutor

      If you have found a tutor who can teach you more than one of the subjects you want to learn, consider yourself lucky! You will quickly find that there are many benefits to being taught everything by one single person. Here are the 3 biggest advantages of having the same person as a physics and maths tutor:

      • Physics is based on maths, so a tutor with a good grasp of both can ensure students have the tools to understand how science works interconnectedly.
      • Having the same tutor in both subjects means they are already familiar with your strengths and weaknesses as a student and, therefore, can help you learn more efficiently.
      • If you have many hours of lessons with the same tutor, there is a chance they could offer you special discounts!

      The scarcity of universal physics math tutors

      Despite it being a great solution for students, finding a universal maths and physics tutor can be difficult. The majority of teachers do not have tutoring expertise and certifications in multiple subjects. They are either good at teaching one subject or another, or have limited experience with teaching multiple subjects.

      Offline, your probabilities of finding a good universal tutor are even more limited by your geographical location. Think about it: even if you find a tutor, what are the chances that they will be friendly, provide you with study material, and consider your individual needs during lessons that take place at a time that works for you? That’s right: very slim!

      This is where Eurekly comes in. No need to scour the internet looking for “physics and maths tutor A level” anymore. On this leading e-learning platform, students can choose from multiple – yes, you read that right! – universal maths and physics tutors who are experts in their subjects!

      If you want to learn physics and maths with the same teacher, simply browse through the physics and maths tutor bio page and make your choice! Here are some of the talented teachers that you could be learning with on Eurekly:

      TOP 7 physics and maths tutors

      1. Sharath

      • Education: Sharath is a math and physics tutor who possesses a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering.
      • Characteristics: Sharath is a gold medalist for academics, which has provided him with incredibly useful knowledge for tests and exams that he passes on to his students.
      • Subjects:
      1. Maths (👉 book a lesson with Sharath)
      2. Physics (👉 book a lesson with Sharath)
      3. Linguistics
      4. Chemistry
      5. Biology
      6. Geography
      7. Yoga
      8. Electrical Engineering concepts
      • Native language: English
      • Other languages: Telugu, Hindi, Sanskrit
      • Price for 1 lesson: $10
      • Free trial lesson: Available
      • Student reviews: “Sharath is an awesome tutor. He has amazing patience to understand the student’s level of learning, and he teaches accordingly.” (student Archie)

      2. Boris

      • Education: Boris is a physics & maths tutor who has had a bright academic career, holding a BS in Electrical Engineering and Physics, an MS in Physics, and a Ph.D. in Mathematics.
      • Characteristics: Boris is a highly experienced physics and mathematics tutor, having taught a high school physics class since 2014.
      • Subjects:
      1. Maths (👉 book a lesson with Boris)
      2. Physics (👉 book a lesson with Boris)
      • Native language: Serbian
      • Other languages: English
      • Price for 1 lesson: $8
      • Free trial lesson: Available
      • Student reviews: “5 stars!” (student Sumayya)

      3. Pushkar

      • Characteristics: Pushkar is an A level physics and maths tutor with work experience both online and offline. His teaching methods ensure that students feel accomplished and appreciate the significance of teaching.
      • Subjects:
      1. Maths (👉 book a lesson with Pushkar)
      2. Physics (👉 book a lesson with Pushkar)
      3. Digital Electronics
      • Native language: Hindi
      • Other languages: English
      • Price for 1 lesson: $20
      • Free trial lesson: Available
      • Student reviews: “Amazing experience. Really enjoy. And learn with fun. And understood each and every doubt. Takes care for each and every student.” (student Tarun)

      4. Katarzyna

      • Characteristics: Katarzyna is an A level maths and physics tutor who specializes in using different education materials to help students visualize problems and find solutions. She also has expertise in painting, 3D art, and programming.
      • Subjects:
      1. Maths (👉 book a lesson with Katarzyna)
      2. Physics (👉 book a lesson with Katarzyna)
      • Native language: Polish
      • Other languages: English
      • Price for 1 lesson: $15
      • Free trial lesson: Available

      5. Dilshodbek

      • Education: Dilshodbek is a student of Mechanical Engineering at Politecnico Di Torino University and holds the prestigious ToPoliTo scholarship for his outstanding academic achievements.
      • Characteristics: Dilshodbek has participated in many international high school math competitions and, as such, is a great fit for teaching young students.
      • Subjects:
      1. Maths (👉 book a lesson with Dilshodbek)
      2. Physics (👉 book a lesson with Dilshodbek)
      • Native language: Uzbek
      • Other languages: English, Turkish
      • Price for 1 lesson: $10
      • Free trial lesson: Available

      6. Christopher

      • Education: Christopher is a student currently passionately pursuing a BSc in Physics with Mathematics at the University of the West Indies.
      • Characteristics: A friendly and engaging person, Christopher aims to be patient and encouraging when it comes to teaching.
      • Subjects:
      1. Maths (👉 book a lesson with Christopher)
      2. Physics (👉 book a lesson with Christopher)
      • Native language: English
      • Price for 1 lesson: $20
      • Free trial lesson: Available

      7. Matteo

      • Education: Matteo has a Master’s degree in Physics, specializing in the Phenomenology of Fundamental Interactions from Pisa University.
      • Characteristics: Matteo has chosen to teach Science as he has a talent for making big chunks of complicated knowledge digestible.
      • Subjects:
      1. Maths (👉 book a lesson with Matteo)
      2. Physics (👉 book a lesson with Matteo)
      • Native language: Italian
      • Other languages: English
      • Price for 1 lesson:$25
      • Free trial lesson: Available

      Physics and maths lessons online

      Maths is a very popular subject on Eurekly. There are 80 maths tutors on the platform that you can choose from… You can take as many trial lessons as you want to ensure you find the perfect one for you! Head here to find the best online maths teachers.

      If you want to learn Physics, Eurekly is a great choice for that, too! On Eurekly, you can also choose from over 20 talented physics tutors from all around the world. Browse through them to find one that teaches in your language and takes your individual student needs into account during lessons. Check them out!

      Why learn maths and physics on Eurekly

      Still unconvinced? No need to be. There are many reasons why you should choose Eurekly as your physics and maths tutor website! The top 3 are:

      • Convenience: With Eurekly, you are not limited by geography or time. Learn with the best physics and math tutors from your home at the time that works best for you. Unlike traditional classes, Eurekly lessons take place whenever you choose.
      • Choice: On Eurekly, you can choose from a huge online database of math and physics tutors so you can find one that you really click with. You can take unlimited free trial lessons until you are ready to commit to the perfect tutor.
      • Technology: Eurekly offers easy-to-use technology that allows teachers to easily incorporate interactive visual material into their classes. You will never need to worry about how to navigate its simple but smart virtual learning environment.

      FAQ about learning physics and maths with an online tutor

      Here are our expert answers to maths and physics learners’ most common questions:

      How do I know if my physics and maths tutor is good enough?

      A good math tutor will guide students through a subject at a pace comfortable to the student and motivate them to learn.

      How do I know if my maths and physics tutor overcharges me?

      A lesson with a maths and physics tutor can cost anywhere from $10 to $80 per hour depending on their expertise.

      Is it important for my maths physics tutor to have a degree in both subjects?

      While a degree in both subjects is an advantage for universal tutors, physics and math tutor higher education is not necessary and not the most important thing.

      Finding the physics and maths tutor of your dreams doesn’t have to be time-consuming or challenging. Just head to Eurekly! Having an online teacher that can help you with both physics and maths can speed up your learning and be very cost-effective.

      Maths and physics are interconnected subjects, and a person that knows your strengths and weaknesses in both can be a huge asset to your learning. On Eurekly, you can choose from a huge database of universal tutors who teach you many subjects. Why not see for yourself with a free trial lesson today?