Where to Find a First-Class Maths Teacher for a High-Achieving Kid?

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      Having high-achieving kids is an immense source of pride for parents, but it also comes with its own unique set of challenges. High-achieving kids need high-achieving teachers. But where can parents find them? Schools are not always equipped with a math teacher for kids who can help gifted students develop their full potential. Luckily, it is now easy to get the right kind of help online. This article will enlist top math tutors for kids who promise – and achieve! – excellent results. Read on to discover:

      • Where to find the best professional maths teacher for kids;
      • What you should look for in a kids’ math tutor;
      • How to get a free online math tutor for kids;
      • The answers to all your burning questions about tutoring your high-achieving kid!
      Maths tutor for kids

      Challenges faced by the parents of high-achieving maths learners

      High-achieving kids: a definition

      Students who work hard and grow quickly academically are known as high-achievers. They possess natural commitment and have a sustained dedication to learning.

      Advantages of being a high achiever’s parent

      Parenting a high-achieving kid can be amazing! 3 advantages that come with it are:

      • You will have many reasons to be proud of your child.
      • You can rest secure in the knowledge that your kid will perform well in school.
      • Celebrating your kid’s achievements creates a strong parent-child bond.

      Challenges of being a high achiever’s parent

      Even though it is a wonderful experience, don’t be fooled into thinking parenting a high achiever is a walk in the park. Some of the challenges you could face are:

      • Difficulty in finding appropriate teachers.
      • Problems with keeping your child challenged enough so as to not get bored with school.
      • Issues with competitiveness and feelings of inadequacy between siblings.

      If you are not sure if your child is a gifted learner, watch this awesome video enlisting 10 characteristics of gifted children that parents may not be aware of:

      An ideal maths teacher for kids

      Characteristics of an ideal kids teacher

      To find the right kids math tutor, you need to seek the following characteristics:

      • Good communication skills, which helps them clearly pass on instructions.
      • Patience, which allows them to deal with the same questions and problems over and over again without losing their cool.
      • Experience, which is paramount when teaching a highly-skilled kid that learns fast.

      Choosing a kids tutor who is a parent themselves

      You will find that a kid math tutor who is also a parent is an advantage, if not a must! As parents and teachers, they have invaluable first-hand experience with children and know how they learn and study. Also, they are capable of explaining things in a playful manner (if necessary) and know how to motivate kids in a right way.

      Online learning for kids

      Online learning is becoming increasingly popular for kids – whether they want extra help with homework or need to develop their skills faster.

      Recommended online lesson duration

      According to professionals, elementary students should have 1-2 hours a day of online instruction, with lessons lasting around 30 minutes. Older children can have longer and more frequent lessons.

      Where to find math tutors for kids?

      So you have made the excellent decision to hire an online math tutor for kids – great! Now, where do you go to find the right one when there are so many options around when you google “math tutor kids”? Easy! On Eurekly, your kid can learn with the best. Choose from professional math tutors, such as the following 10 experts:

      1. Benjamin

      • Perfect choice for kids: Benjamin has taken a variety of different math courses, meaning he can guide children to succeed in everything from simple to advanced classes.
      • Education: Benjamin is currently studying Computer Science with cognates in Software Engineering and Web & Mobile Programming at Liberty University, which he balances with a prestigious career as a software developer for the US Navy.
      • Students’ reviews: “5 stars”
      • Native language: English
      • Price for 1 lesson: $30
      • Free trial lesson: Available

      2. Sharath

      • Perfect choice for kids: Sharath employs creative techniques to teach his students math and help them solve complex calculations in seconds without a calculator – a special skill kids are bound to love!
      • Education: Sharath possesses aBachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, as well as being a Gold Medalist for academics.
      • Students’ reviews: “Sharath is a great tutor and very good at math. He made me feel very comfortable and can help you start from scratch, by booking lessons with him you will be in good hands and will improve at whatever part of math that you need help in”.
      • Native language: Hindi
      • Also teaching in: English
      • Price for 1 lesson: $10
      • Free trial lesson: Available

      3. Mohammad

      • Perfect choice for kids: Mohammad has 10 years of experience teaching children of all ages, which makes him an expert in simplifying math concepts for students!
      • Education: Mohammad has a Master’s degree in the demanding field of Electrical Engineering.
      • Students’ reviews: “Mr. Barati is an excellent maths tutor with extensive knowledge on a wide range of topics in maths. He explains maths concepts very clearly and is very interactive in the tutor lessons. Adding on, he is very kind and takes time to work through examples and help you understand what you don’t understand. Definitely would recommend!”
      • Native language: Farsi
      • Also teaching in: English
      • Price for 1 lesson: $25
      • Free trial lesson: Not available

      4. Khushi

      • Perfect choice for kids: Khushi has been teaching mathematics online to children from all over the globe for the past four years, giving her expert skills in communicating new knowledge to them no matter their background.
      • Education: Khushi has completed her education in Teaching with distinction.
      • Students’ reviews: “She was really really great! Her methods are by far the simplest you can find. It was my first online tutoring experience, and I really enjoyed it. Trust me you won’t regret it but love it”.
      • Native language: Hindi
      • Also teaching in: English
      • Price for 1 lesson: $5
      • Free trial lesson: Available

      5. Elie

      • Perfect choice for kids: Elie has worked as a school principal in a francophone school for eight years. At the same time, he was also the coordinator of Mathematics for the whole school for five consecutive years. This gives him an extraordinarily unique perspective on teaching young students and what they need to perform their best.
      • Education: Elie has aBachelor’s degree in Business Administration, as well as a Master’s in Sciences focusing on Business Strategy.
      • Students’ reviews: “I enjoy my online classes with Elie very much! I’ve finally understood how to solve differential equations”.
      • Native language: French
      • Also teaching in: English
      • Price for 1 lesson: $10
      • Free trial lesson: Available
      Math teacher Elie

      6. Sukhwant

      • Perfect choice for kids: Sukhwant has a background in teaching diverse types of math online and tries to instill confidence in children, making him a great choice of tutor for kids.
      • Students’ reviews: “Very kind and professional! Explained everything clearly and concisely”.
      • Native language: Hindi
      • Also teaching in: English
      • Price for 1 lesson: $30
      • Free trial lesson: Available

      7. Vikash

      • Perfect choice for kids: Vikash has a step-by-step teaching style that has served him exceptionally well in his career as a child math tutor online for six years.
      • Education: Vikash possesses a degree in Computer Science Engineering.
      • Students’ reviews: “Amazing tutor! He helps me so much and changes his style for you in order for you to understand the topic. I am quite easily distracted and bored but he always keeps me on my toes. Awesome tutor, definitely recommended trying”.
      • Native language: Hindi
      • Also teaching in: English
      • Price for 1 lesson: $20
      • Free trial lesson: Available
      Math teacher Vikash

      8. Asma

      • Perfect choice for kids: Asma’s passion for maths comes across vividly in her lessons for young international students, which she has been delivering for over five years as a children’s math tutor.
      • Education: Asma is pursuing a Master’s degree in Mathematics.
      • Students’ reviews: “I hired Asma for my 9-year-old son and never regretted it. I had some worries concerning online lessons but they are perfect! My son always asks Asma for math help whenever he needs it, and his math performance has improved a lot”.
      • Native language: Urdu
      • Also teaching in: English
      • Price for 1 lesson: $10
      • Free trial lesson: Available

      9. Emmanuel

      • Perfect choice for kids: Emmanuel is a high achiever, which makes him ideal for helping gifted young students reach their full potential in math. He has been a math tutor for kids, teaching kindergarten all through to 13th grade for the past five years.
      • Students’ reviews: “I’ve been preparing for a math olympiad with Emmanuel. We covered some extra topics and trained a lot, which finally helped me take the 3rd place in the contest!”
      • Native language: French
      • Also teaching in: English
      • Price for 1 lesson: $15
      • Free trial lesson: Available

      10. Pushkar

      • Perfect choice for kids: Pushkar is an experienced and qualified tutor with over 6 years of experience teaching math online and offline. He is passionate about solving mathematical problems, a quality he tries to transmit to his students as an online maths tutor for kids.
      • Students’ reviews: Pushkar is very dedicated towards his work. He is very supportive and understands his students’ actual needs”.
      • Native language: Hindi
      • Also teaching in: English
      • Price for 1 lesson: $20
      • Free trial lesson: Available

      Choose the best online maths tutor!

      Parents of high-achieving kids can often feel overwhelmed. They may not feel adequately equipped to help their children with homework themselves or they may face difficulty finding a good maths tutor for kids who can challenge their children academically and help them grow.

      Turning to online tutoring in those cases can be an ideal solution. On Eurekly, you will find a professional math tutor for children with expertise in teaching gifted children in a challenging manner that will help them develop their skills. Why not try it out today with a trial of a free math tutor online for kids?


      How to find a math tutor for your child without recommendations?

      You can find excellent math tutors for your child online on Eurekly.

      Generalizing from the discussion of Piaget, what is the best way to teach children math?

      Piaget was in favor of taking an active role when teaching children math and creatively encouraging them to be engaged in the subject.

      How can I teach my child math on my own?

      You can use your imagination and creativity to teach simple math to your child on your own. For example, you could try counting with blocks and playing math scavenger hunts.

      How to tutor your child in math if you have no teacher’s education?

      Even if you have no formal education, you can still incorporate math into your daily life to teach them. Bake with math and try using an abacus.

      How to use children’s literature to teach mathematics to a gifted learner?

      Use books to help build a connection between math and real life for children who learn better with words.

      How much does a math tutor cost on average?

      The cost for a math tutor varies on their expertise and experience, among other factors. Prices can range from $5 to $60 per hour.