How to Study Korean with BTS: A Guide for True Bangtan Boys’ Fans

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      Many Bangtan Boys’ fans would be happy to learn Korean with BTS but don’t know how. They assume that studying the language will be difficult. But language learning doesn’t have to be boring! Read on for some creative ideas on how to do it with your favorite band. We will tell you:

      • how to easily incorporate Korean learning into your everyday life;
      • tips and tricks to speed up your learning using BTS;
      • where to start when learning Korean online.
      Learning Korean with BTS

      The band

      Bangtan Boys

      Bangtan Boys, more commonly known as BTS, is a boy band from South Korea that was formed in 2010. It is composed of seven members: Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook.

      Alternative names

      The band is known by various names. This includes Bangtan Boys, BTS, Beyond the Scene and Bulletproof Boy Scouts. BTS actually stands for the Korean expression ‘Bangtan Sonyeondan’, which translates to ‘Bulletproof Boy Scouts’. The word ‘bangtan’, meaning ‘resistant to bullets’, was chosen to symbolically denote the band’s opposition to unrealistic expectations placed upon today’s youth. The acronym BTS is often used interchangeably to mean ‘Beyond the Scene’.

      Surprising facts

      You may have been inspired by BTS to start Korean practice, but did you know that the band’s members are also language learning fans? Here are some surprising facts about the Bangtan Boys, connected with foreign languages:

      • V is fluent in Japanese, and Jimin can also speak it well.
      • Jin and J-Hope have excellent skills in the Chinese language.
      • RM became fluent in English by watching ‘Friends’.

      How to study Korean vocabulary with BTS?

      The best way to learn Korean vocabulary is undoubtedly with BTS! Here’s how:

      1. Read BTS songs’ lyrics, then write out and learn the new words. Proceed to sing the songs with the news words learned.

      This approach can be hugely beneficial for learning, as singing has been found to be motivating and attention-focusing. This method is ideal for Korean sentence practice.

      For some extra tips on how to learn new words fast, check out this article.

      Here is yet another way to learn Korean with BTS songs, check it out:

      2. Listen to BTS interviews. Write out and learn the new words. Then imagine that you were one of the Bangtan Boys and enact an interview using these words.

      Listening to interviews allows you to practice your skills, while learning new things about your favorite band. Listening is a great method for making new words stick and can especially be helpful to beginners.

      3. Read BTS biographies. Write out and learn the new words. Then imagine that you were one of the Bangtan Boys and write your own biography using these words.

      There’s nothing more fun than a little roleplay combined with writing! Research has shown that combining reading and writing can lead to improvements in reading comprehension, fluency, and word-solving skills. Biographies are a useful source of Korean words to practice writing.

      4. Subscribe to BTS social accounts and read their news every day.

      Staying up-to-date with the band’s social media allows you to keep tabs on your favorite members, but also to learn basic Korean, since it helps you interact with others and practice reading and writing.

      Here are the links to BTS’ main social media accounts:

      5. Find a Korean native speaker who is also fond of BTS and discuss your passion for BTS with them.

      Talking about BTS with a native speaker who understands your passion for them is fun and will also help you master authentic pronunciation through Korean speaking practice. On Eurekly’s Language Exchange, you are bound to find many like-minded individuals looking for language practice buddies!

      How to learn Korean grammar with BTS?

      Follow these tips to get to know BTS better at the same time as learning Korean grammar.

      1. To practice singular and plural verb forms, make up sentences about what one BTS singer does and what some or all of them do.

      Some examples include:

      Jin and RM read many books.
      J-Hope and Jimin dance a lot.
      Jungkook cooks very well.

      Translate these sentences to Korean and make up your own examples!

      2. To practice building questions (yes/no and wh-questions), make up a list of 10 questions that you would like to ask your favorite singers.

      Some ideas to get you started could be:

      Jungkook, what is your favorite book?
      Suga, who is your biggest influence?
      J-Hope, where would you like to travel?

      3. To practice the past tense, make up sentences about what BTS singers did when they were kids.

      Some examples of this could be:

      Jimin danced a lot.
      Suga used the name “Gloss”.
      V played the saxophone.

      4. To practice Imperative, make up 10 Imperative sentences about BTS.

      You could use sentences such as:

      Listen to BTS!
      Buy the new BTS album!
      Sing BTS songs!

      5. To practice ordinal numbers, make up sentences about when BTS singers were born.

      For instance:

      Jimin was born on October 13, 1995.
      Jungkook was born on September 1, 1997.
      J-Hope was born February 18, 1994.

      Korean writing practice with BTS

      This is how to learn to write Korean while memorizing your favorite band’s lyrics.

      1. Write BTS lyrics into a copybook (by hand), e.g., one song per day.

      This method is a win-win. It will allow you to learn the lyrics to your favorite songs by heart and, since it has been proven that writing by hand activates the brain, it will promote learning.

      2. Listen to BTS music while doing your normal Korean handwriting exercises.

      Did you know that listening to music while writing increases focus and gives you pacing and momentum? Turning on your BTS playlist while doing Korean handwriting exercises is a great way to learn!

      Korean listening practice with BTS

      Listening to BTS can only bring benefits to your learning. Read on to find out why!

      1. Listen to BTS songs. Learn BTS songs by heart and sing together with them.

      Music helps learns retain words and expressions effectively. The rhythm and repetitive patterns have been proven to facilitate word memorization.

      2. Listen to BTS interviews as a background while driving, tidying up your room, cooking, etc.

      Putting on BTS-related content when you are busy with other activities would qualify as passive listening. Contrary to what a lot of people think, this is not just noise in the background, but actually works to let new information sink in better.

      Some good links to BTS interviews include:

      3. Listen and repeat BTS interviews orally (listen to one sentence, pause the video, repeat; listen to the next sentence, pause, repeat).

      Frequent exposure to spoken words is scientifically found to enable vocabulary development. Repeating BTS interviews orally will induce a rapid neural response increase that promotes memory-trace formation, and so you will learn Korean words faster.

      Also, when you don’t just listen to the sentences but also repeat them, you become more attentive to every single word. This is a perfect training for your ears!

      Should it be difficult for you in the beginning, you can always slow down the speech speed in the audio/video settings.

      Asian guy walking downstairs

      4. Listen and write down the text of BTS interviews (listen to one sentence, pause the video, write down what has been said; listen to the next sentence, pause, write down).

      Writing down the words you hear is known as transcription. It is a great method for digesting new information, helping it to become intuitive to the learner.

      Leave out no single word – listen to difficult places several times until you’ve managed to understand what has been said.

      5. Translate BTS interviews (oral consecutive translation: listen to one sentence, pause the video, translate; listen to the next sentence, pause, translate).

      Practicing consecutive interpretation is a very useful way to learn Korean for beginners. Pausing an audio prolongs the duration of a speech, so you will not get tired trying to take in a lot of new information at once.

      6. Translate BTS interviews (oral simultaneous translation: translate the video without pausing it).

      Simultaneous translation is an approach better suited to advanced learners. Its advantage is that listening to an audio fully and translating it while listening to it permits one to completely immerse themselves in and engage with the content.

      If you are not 100% confident in your ability, it is recommended to slow down video speed if necessary.

      Online Korean classes

      If you want to learn Korean online, but do not want to do this alone, a fantastic option is hiring a native tutor on Eurekly for Korean classes. Eurekly’s professional tutors always make their lessons fun and will include BTS into your personalized learning program if you like!

      Some of the teachers offering Korean classes online on Eurekly are:

      • Jeongeun, a highly experienced Korean teacher working in the UK. She has a passion for her country’s culture and is enthusiastic about its music, including K-Pop.
      • Olivia, an experienced English teacher who has recently also started teaching Korean language classes to foreigners online. As a German language student herself, she is perfectly equipped to help you master Korean.
      • Chan Hyeok, an online language and Korean tutor from Seoul. His experience in Arabic Studies and linguistics makes him a great choice of tutor for students interested in learning Korean writing, reading, and speaking.
      • Youngkeun, a professional tutor with Korean language teaching qualifications. With a love for music and having worked as a choir conductor, he is a brilliant tutor to discuss BTS with in your Korean language class.

      Learn Korean with BTS (Bangtan Boys): the fun effective way to learn Korean

      BTS are one of the world’s most successful boy bands. They have inspired thousands around the world to take up the language, but a lot of people think Korean is too difficult. Yet, language learning doesn’t have to be intimidating. With our tips, you will be able to practice Korean and level up while listening to BTS. If you want to master the language, try a free trial lesson with one of Eurekly’s Korean teachers!

      Learning Korean: FAQ

      Is Korean hard to learn for English speakers?

      Korean is moderately difficult for English speakers. While it is harder than French or German, it is easier to learn than Chinese.

      How to learn Korean fast?

      To speed up your Korean learning, surround yourself with the language. Listen to Korean everywhere – while driving your car, while going to work, while riding a bicycle, etc.

      How to learn Korean by yourself?

      If you are learning Korean by yourself, remember to watch plenty of Korean dramas and listen to Korean music in order to immerse yourself in the language.

      How to start learning Korean?

      Start learning Korean by focusing on the Hangul, i.e., its alphabet and then mastering verbs.

      How long would it take to learn Korean?

      It takes approximately 1200 hours of studying to reach an intermediate level of Korean skills.

      Is learning Korean worth it?

      Korea’s influence is becoming increasingly dominant in global culture, so learning Korean is definitely worth it!

      Is Korean easier to learn than Japanese?

      Since Korean isn’t a tonal language, it is much easier than Japanese.

      Where to start learning Korean?

      To begin your Korean learning journey online, choose Eurekly.

      What is the best way to learn Korean?

      The best way to learn Korean is to study it with BTS following our tips!