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How to Learn German Fast? German Grammar Explained Through… Lego Bricks! (Part 1: Syntax)

German grammar has the reputation of being difficult and that’s why many people perceive learning it as a tedious or even scary task. There is no need to be afraid, though! With our simple learning guide, we promise to make learning German grammar and, in particular, syntax… dare we say it? Fun! Read on for the best way to learn German. We will tell you: creative ideas on how to learn German with Lego; examples of language exercises to learn German grammar; where to go online to perfect yourRead more

Learning Brazilian Portuguese Conversation with News

News stories are a great tool for developing one’s language skills, yet there are no guides explaining to learners how to use them for this purpose. We are here to change this. If you want to find out how to learn Brazilian Portuguese with the news, try our exciting and entertaining exercises. We will tell you: how to grow your Brazilian Portuguese vocabulary with the news; how to improve your Brazilian Portuguese grammar by watching the news; where to find the best language learning resources online. If you are learning Brazilian Portuguese, you will find your language skills improve really fast with our exercises. If you are a tutor, you will want to keep reading too, as this guide will reveal clever tips you can use during yourRead more

How Can Russian Films with English Subtitles Help You Learn to Speak Russian?

Are you looking for the best way to learn Russian? Learning through films is an incredibly engaging way to learn languages! Through our set of exercises, you will learn Russian with movies. Our exercises are suitable for any Russian film with subtitles and will help you improve your Russian in no time! Read on to find out: what the best films for learning Russian are; practical tips for improving your Russian grammar and vocabulary; where to learn Russian online. If you are a Russian tutor, you will want to keep reading for some inspiration for your language classes. If you are a Russian learner, you will find that our tips are exactly the kind of practical guide you need to step up yourRead more

How to Learn French with Movies? French Teachers’ Expert Advice for Newbies

You don’t need a French teacher to learn the language. Watching movies in a foreign language is a fantastic way to learn it. Many French learners are eager to do this but don’t know where to find appropriate exercises and approaches. Are you one of them? If so, you have come to the right place. We will share our smartest tips and tricks for using French movies to learn French. Read on to find out: which are the best movies for learning French; how to improve your French vocabulary, grammar, listening, and speaking with movies; what the best resources for online French learningRead more

How to Study Korean with BTS: A Guide for True Bangtan Boys’ Fans

Many Bangtan Boys’ fans would be happy to learn Korean with BTS but don’t know how. They assume that studying the language will be difficult. But language learning doesn’t have to be boring! Read on for some creative ideas on how to do it with your favorite band. We will tell you: how to easily incorporate Korean learning into your everyday life; tips and tricks to speed up your learning using BTS; where to start when learning KoreanRead more

Which Arabic Dialect to Learn?

Choosing between Arabic dialects to learn may be challenging because there are so many of them! Here, we aim to make choosing which dialect of Arabic to commit to easier for you. We will explain the main differences between Arabic dialects and give you the best recommendations including the professional application of each of the dialects. Specifically, we will talk about: the differences between the many dialects of Arabic out there; how to choose the right dialect for you; which professional applications different Arabic dialects have; how to learn different dialects of ArabicRead more

How Can I Improve My Spanish Speaking Skills in 30 Days?

Have you, too, noticed that many people seek to improve their Spanish speaking skills as fast as possible but fail? It is a common problem, but we are here to explain why it happens. In short, that’s because they lack a well-thought-out plan! We will provide an all-embracing 30-days plan for those who don’t know how to organize their learning so as to achieve their goals. If you want to know how to speak Spanish fluently, read on. Here, you will find: why we struggle to improve our language speaking skills; techniques to speed up your learning; what the best resources for online Spanish learningRead more

Becoming a Demanded Employee with Online Excel Tutoring

Are you looking to stand out in an ever-competitive job market? In the digital era, your chances on the labor market hugely depend on your computer skills. Excel knowledge is one of them. While Excel has a reputation of being hard to learn, it is possible to do. We are here to give you tips on how to achieve this goal. Keep reading to learn how to become a demanded employee by learning with a Microsoft Excel tutor online. In this article, we will talk about: why Excel is useful for all industries; what basic, intermediate, and advanced Excel skills are; how to answer Excel job interview questions; how to find online computer classes forRead more

What Are the Easiest Languages to Learn for German Speakers? 10 Fair Suggestions

Are you a German native wondering “what is the easiest language to learn for German speakers”? Picking a language to learn can often be a challenging task. We often get caught up in worries that a new language will be too difficult to master. Yet there are some easy foreign languages to learn out there! Based on their similarities to German, we will provide the ultimate list of the easiest languages to learn for German natives. Read on to find out: what makes a language easy to learn which languages are easiest to master if you speak German and why where you can learn languagesRead more